Fox's Mike Huckabee calls Trump’s decision to rescind DACA “incredibly merciful”

Fox's Mike Huckabee calls Trump’s decision to rescind DACA “incredibly merciful”


From the September 6 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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ABBY HUNTSMAN (CO-HOST): We want to get your thoughts on DACA, that’s what everyone’s talking about this morning. The president rescinding the Obama-era law with the deferred action [for] children. What are your thoughts on this? Because he's getting a lot of criticism for doubling down on the rule of law in this country. You can't possibly have compassion. You can't possibly have a heart when it comes to the kids that come here through no fault of their own, and focus on the law?


MIKE HUCKABEE: The reason we have all this problem, is because the federal government for decades did not enforce the law. They were lax in the immigration policy. So they share a lot of responsibility for why we have so many people coming across illegally. And the fact that it was easier to come illegally than it was to spend 15 years or so trying to get legal. So, yeah, we need to fix it. I supported a law when I was governor would have allowed children who had been their entire lives, we had educated them, they had lived in our communities, they spoke English, they were a part of our communities, to be able to go to college, get the scholarships that they earned, and not give them something special, but they earned them by academic achievement. It was very unpopular. But look, it’s not about doing what’s popular, but doing what’s right. But the right thing is to do it through legislative action. And that’s why I say, the president did exactly what he should have done. In fact, if anything, he is incredibly merciful to say, guys, you have six months, six months. You have already had eight months since the term started. So either do it -- and I want to ask some Democrats, when you guys had both houses of Congress and White House, if this was so important to you, why didn't you do it?


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