Fox & Friends Sunday praises Trump’s tweet showing him “body-slamming” CNN

Fox & Friends Sunday praises Trump’s tweet showing him “body-slamming” CNN

Pete Hegseth says the “gloves are off”


From the July 2 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends Sunday:

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ABBY HUNTSMAN (CO-HOST): And they're fireworks this morning already coming from President Trump's Twitter account. You got to see this one. 

PETE HEGSETH (CO-HOST): This is brand new. 

HUNTSMAN: He tweets out this video. You actually were the one that showed it to us. 

HEGSETH: Well yeah, they alerted me to it. So President Trump out tweeting this morning this tweet. All it says is "#FraudNewsCNN, #FNN."

HUNTSMAN: For "fake news."

HEGSETH: And what you're looking at here is a video -- it's from when President Trump was then in the media. He was with -- what was it, WWE, and would sometimes show up as a character in WWE. Well this is him body-slamming someone from there with CNN's logo Photoshopped on the head of that person. It ends with "fraud news network."

HUNTSMAN: So that's a real video, by the way. 

HEGSETH: That really is President Trump.

HUNTSMAN: That was actually President Trump in the ring --

HEGSETH: Yeah, about 10 years ago.

HUNTSMAN: -- as you said back in the day, WWE. They just put the CNN on the person he's attacking. 

HEGSETH: Wow. If you thought he was going to back down one bit, this indictment of the media, I think this is your answer right here.


CLAYTON MORRIS (CO-HOST): No and I like that he's incorporating some video. I was saying, "Mr. President, start using some video." Maybe --

HUNTSMAN: I think he listened to you, Clayton. 


HUNTSMAN: This is Snapchat.

MORRIS: [INAUDIBLE] can tell myself that, right.

HEGSETH: You've been busy during the show today on your computer. Did you edit that video and --

HUNTSMAN: And send it back --

MORRIS: Right. I said, I said if you're going to send some video out, please here take a look at this. 

HEGSETH: Consider this.

HUNTSMAN: Oh, gosh. All right, we will stay on top of his Twitter account if anything else happens.

HEGSETH: Gloves are off.


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