Alex Jones: ​"​Roger Ailes​, before he died, was calling me wanting to launch a network"

Alex Jones: ​"​Roger Ailes​, before he died, was calling me wanting to launch a network" 


From the June 18 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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MIKE CERNOVICH (CO-HOST): [NBC is] trying to get rid of [Megyn Kelly], and the Murdoch sons are so beta-eyes that they're willing to potentially buy out Megyn Kelly's contract to bring her back onto Fox News.

ALEX JONES (CO-HOST): Because they thought, "Hey, she already tried to bring down Fox News, she worked for us​ well, she helped change her story about [former Fox News CEO Roge​r]​​​ Ailes. He's out of the way now." But Fox is now sinking into the mud, they're in total panic mode. They're thinking, "Maybe she'll work better with this audience."


I was at the RNC meeting ​with ​people at the Ritz-Carlton.


JONES: I was talking -- I mean, I was meeting with the executives.


JONES: Hell, I mean Roger Ailes​,​ before he died​,​ was calling me wanting to launch a network.

CERNOVICH: That's actually​ --​ people don't know​ that​ he wanted to do a new TV network, Roger Ailes did. I don't think that's public yet though.

JONES: Yeah, well, whatever.​ And that's why they're so pissed. They've got all the phones tapped, they know what's going on. ​Don't worry, we don't need Roger Ailes to launch this.


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