Sean Hannity invites Donald Trump Jr. to smear James Comey after Senate testimony

Sean Hannity invites Donald Trump Jr. to smear James Comey after Senate testimony 

Trump Jr.: Comey may not be capable of "talking like human beings" with my father


From the June 8 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): I still imagine from their perspective -- the left's perspective -- there's been nothing your father can do right. I mean -- 

DONALD TRUMP JR: They'll keep saying, "Oh, he was to influence the Flynn thing." Listen, you know my father pretty well. Him saying, "Hey, I hope that they can go away. We both agree," meaning Comey and him both agree Flynn's a good guy. They both know him personally, saying "hey --"

HANNITY: "I hope, I hope."

TRUMP JR: "Hey, you've got to do your job, all else being equal if there's nothing there, let it go away. I mean --

HANNITY: By the way.

TRUMP JR: That's two guys talking like human beings, I know Comey may not be capable of that, everything -- but it's so clear and so obvious, but rather than take or give him benefit of the doubt, rather than take the the 99.9-percent chance that there's -- they want to run with the point 0.0002 percent chance. Meanwhile, Comey doesn't report that. He doesn't do anything. He doesn't take it to a higher level. Why? Why?

HANNITY: But that's the whole point.


TRUMP JR: This is the guy who's the director of the FBI. The guy in charge who's saying, "Well, if I was a stronger man I might have actually followed the law if I thought I was being pressured." I mean, who is this guy kidding? I mean, is this guy that weak and feckless that he sits there and says, "OK, well" -- I mean, it's sad.


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