Fox's The Specialists: "Civilian casualties" are "part of self-defense"

Fox's The Specialists: "Civilian casualties" are "part of self-defense"


From the June 6 edition of Fox News' The Fox News Specialists:

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EBONI WILLIAMS (CO-HOST): President Trump now jumping into a dispute threatening the coalition against ISIS. Now he's taking credit today for pushing seven Arab states to suddenly cut off diplomatic ties with the coutry of Qatar. That's a critical U.S. military partner which has been accused of supporting terror groups tied to Iran. So further complicating this, kind of going wherel you guys are picking up. I want to go back to something Eric said, though. This issue of civilian casualties. Because it's delicate and it's sensitive and people really get in their feelings about it. And understandably so, but is he right at some point Shelby? At some point is that just a cost of keeping us safe?


KAT TIMPF (CO-HOST): To be fair though, if you're a dead civilian you don't really care if you're dead on purpose or not.

TOM FITTON: So we shouldn't bomb anyone because there's a danger of accidentally killing an innocent? We have to defend and this is part of self defense.


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