Limbaugh Fondly Remembers Serial Predator Roger Ailes By Playing Audio Of Him Telling A Creepy Joke

Limbaugh Fondly Remembers Serial Predator Roger Ailes By Playing Audio Of Him Telling A Creepy Joke 


From the May 18 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): When I had finished speaking, I think there was one more speaker, and then Roger got up. I just want to let you hear some of Roger Ailes himself as he was that night. Roger was not on camera. It was was one of the great sadness for me is that was he was one of the most naturally funny -- reminded my dad in a way, when we'd go to dinner, and a bunch of us. Everybody would want to go if Roger was going to be there. It was just an education, it was an interactive education to sit there and listen to whatever is being discussed. It was going to be entertaining and funny and informative and enlightening. There just aren't enough people like him. And in recent years there hasn't been a lot of Roger in public.

If Roger trusted you, that in itself, if he trusted you to perform, if he trusted you to send you out, that itself was a vote of confidence that was worth as much as you'd get from anybody else. So here's a little of Roger responding to the award he was given on November 11, 2009 by the Westchester-Putnam Counsel of the Boy Scouts of America.


ROGER AILES:: He flew up all the way to do that. He was a Boy Scout, but they had a Girl Scout camp across the lake. So they chained Rush to the cot at night, and he said it took him 20 minutes longer to swim with that thing hanging off of him.


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