Newsmax TV Host: "We've Got The Lynching Of The President Going On Right Now"

Newsmax TV Host: "We've Got The Lynching Of The President Going On Right Now"

J.D. Hayworth: "I Think The Tenor Of The Times Is Summed Up By Two Words: Fake News"


From the May 17 edition of Fox News' The Fox News Specialists:

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J.D. HAYWORTH: You take a look at what's happening now and I think the tenor of the times is summed up by two words: Fake news. That is what we are seeing, that in part, is the genius of Donald Trump. Because Barack Obama, on the way out the door, thought he was going to define what conservative outlets do as fake news. But instead, we know it's the alphabet networks and The Washington Post and The New York Times, all the usual suspects doing their dead level best. Just think about, think about the historical thing. Back in the day, in 1960 you had Teddy White writing "The Selling of the President." In '68, Joe McGuinness, Teddy White wrote "The Making of the President", McGuinness wrote "The Selling of the President. Now, updated for the 21st century, we've got the lynching of the president going on right now.


ERIC BOLLING (CO-HOST): And Eboni, if you look at the other cable networks, they're going wall to wall with this, you know, alleged big conspiracy scandal going on with Donald Trump. And there you have it. President Obama did the exact same thing they're accusing Trump of, and by the way we haven't even come to evidence that Trump did that.

EBONI WILLIAMS (CO-HOST): Yeah and this is to Mollie's point, this issue, Eric, of motivation. It's really really problematic and it's very important because the facts do matter. I'm very very gravely concerned about the ramifications of all of this stuff. But we can't even have that dialogue, because we are too busy, many people, of trying to make this political, trying to make this a witch hunt about Donald Trump.


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