Fox Host Suggests That James Comey Memo Could Be Result Of "Flawed Recollection" From Drinking

Fox's Eric Bolling: "When Did" Comey Write The Memo? "After Three Drinks?"


From the May 17 edition of Fox News' The Fox News Specialists:

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ERIC BOLLING (HOST): It's an extemporaneous memo, that's all this is. This isn't a tape. 


Guys, guys, it could be a flawed recollection by James Comey, is my point. 

EBONI WILLIAMS: So that's a good point, I want to close with this, that's exactly why, in addition to the memo itself, if it does exist, they need him to testify. Because, when he's up there in front of that committee, they're going to be looking to read, do they believe him? Is he credible? Why say it now and not before? All those things, Eric, will be considered.

BOLLING: When did you write the note, Jim? 

WILLIAMS: They're going to ask him all of those questions. 

BOLLING: Did you write it after dinner after three drinks? After three cocktails?


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