CNN’s Brian Stelter: Fox Is Living In An “Alternate Reality” Where Bombshell Allegations Aren’t A Giant Problem For Trump


From the May 17 edition of CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin:

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BROOKE BALDWIN (HOST): As we are on the topic of conservative media, and just back over to Fox News for a beat, are they living in an alternate universe?

BRIAN STELTER: The short answer is yes, an alternate reality right now. The message from a number of different conservative news outlets has been, this is not a big deal, this is not a scandal, don't worry. And you can see it on this image from last night, an example from the 8:00 p.m. hour on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox. On CNN and MSNBC, this was rightfully being treated as a bombshell story, a major situation, a crisis for the White House. On Fox, lots of other stories instead: The Clinton Foundation, late night comics criticizing Trump, et cetera.

BALDWIN: Ignoring.

STELTER: Now, I don't want to paint with an entirely too broad a brush. Certainly, Fox has been been covering this story. Its news side has been covering this story, but it’s been downplayed. It's about proportionality in some ways, Brooke. There's been an attempt to say, “this is not a giant problem for the president.”


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