Watch A Watergate Prosecutor Mock The GOP’s Absurd Excuse For Trump On The Comey Memo

Watch A Watergate Prosecutor Mock The GOP’s Absurd Excuse For Trump On The Comey Memo

Nick Akerman: "I Wouldn't Accept” That It’s Just How Trump Talks And “I Don't Think A Jury Would Accept It Either"


From the May 17 edition of CNN's At This Hour:

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KATE BOLDUAN (HOST): This is what's being discussed quietly on the Hill, what you hear among some Republicans today is that the president didn't mean it in what he said to [former FBI Director] James Comey as written in that memo, this is just how the president talks. He doesn't talk like a typical politician or typical president we've had in the past. Could that be an explanation that you would accept? 

NICK AKERMAN: I wouldn't accept it and I don't think a jury would accept it either. Look at the pretext that he came up with to fire Comey in the first instance. He had somebody, a deputy attorney general, write up a memo on all of the things that Comey did vis-à-vis Hillary Clinton and what he shouldn’t have done with respect to the Clinton email investigation, after he said during the campaign, he congratulated Comey for doing this. I mean you've got to look at the entire picture. You just can't take one little fact out of context, and when you look at the entire picture, I think what you've left with is a situation where there has to be an appointment of a special prosecutor. There has to be an independent investigation.


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