Glenn Beck Tells Bill O'Reilly To Come Work At TheBlaze And "Unite Our Powers For Good"

Glenn Beck Tells Bill O'Reilly To Come Work At TheBlaze And "Unite Our Powers For Good"


From the May 12 edition of TheBlaze's The Glenn Beck Radio Program:

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BILL O'REILLY: [Glenn] Beck doesn't work for anybody but himself, and he was smart to do that. It's because the left now can't get Beck because Beck controls his own destiny, unlike me. I have to deal with a whole bunch of other things when they came after me. And people should know that you are – that you can say and do what you want to do because you control, Glenn Beck controls his own destiny, which is very different from most other people in the media.

GLENN BECK (HOST): Well, I thank you for that, Bill. And I would like to say publicly, honestly -- and I know you're not going to get into this, so just shut the fat trap -- it's why I would like for you to work for TheBlaze. Because I could not get the cable coverage by myself because -- not powerful enough unless you have a giant corporation behind you, and when you have that, then you're beholden to somebody. But if we could unite our powers for good as opposed to evil -- but that's another conversation.


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