CNN Correspondent: Evidence Showing High-Risk Pools Don't Work Is "Not ... Based On Funny Math"

CNN Correspondent: Evidence Showing High-Risk Pools Don't Work Is "Not ... Based On Funny Math"

Cristina Alesci: "Every Expert We've Talked To Says There's A Shortfall"


From the May 4 edition of CNN Newsroom with John Berman and Poppy Harlow:

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POPPY HARLOW (CO-HOST): Cristina can address this. This [American Health Care Act] has no price tag, this has no CBO [Congressional Budget Office] score, we don't know how many people are left covered or uncovered, and this is something Paul Ryan and other Republicans insisted on in 2009. 

CRISTINA ALESCI: Right, well there are a whole host of problems, right? But one of the major sticking points are these high-risk pools. And these high-risk pools are very expensive. And right now, it seems like every expert we've talked to says there's a shortfall. The GOP bill calls for $8 billion over five years to fund these high-risk pools. Experts say, you need $25 billion per year. And it's not like this is based on funny math or pulling numbers out of nowhere. We have experience in this country with high-risk pools. Back in 2011 we had them. It covered 226,000 Americans and it cost $2.6 billion a year to do it. So, that's just a very small part of many different issues that are -- that are at stake here. But, the high-risk pools seem to be one of the major sticking points. Also, subsidies for lower income Americans, right? The way that the refundable tax credits will work in the GOP plan, it's more based on age. Well, under Obamacare, it was based more on income. So there are going to be people who fall through the cracks, clearly, to your point about the CBO score not covering as many Americans.

JOHN BERMAN (CO-HOST): And these are big changes. I mean, these are big change that will be felt by certain groups of people.


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