Tax March Activist Heather McGhee To Trump: "Show Us Your Taxes. What Are You Hiding?"

Tax March Activist Heather McGhee To Trump: "Show Us Your Taxes. What Are You Hiding?"

McGhee On Tax Rallies: "The Message Was Really Quite Uniform. It Was Show Us Your Taxes. What Are You Hiding? Who Are You Working For?"


From the April 16 edition of NBC's Meet The Press:

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CHUCK TODD (HOST): President Trump noticed the tax rallies yesterday. He's tweeted about those this morning: "I did what was an almost an impossible thing to do for a Republican -- easily won the electoral college. Now tax returns are brought up again?" Second tweet: "Someone should look into who paid for the small organized rallies yesterday. The election is over!" Heather, you were at one of those small, organized rallies. All right. What were they about? Who paid for them? 

HEATHER MCGHEE: Yeah. It was fantastic. So I got to speak right after Senator [Ron] Wyden [D-OR] at the one here in D.C. yesterday. Honestly, my expectations were very low. There have always been these little sort of earnest tax day kind of rallies by progressives saying, we need more revenue. This was 25,000 people in D.C. alone, 200 rallies across the country. And the message was really quite uniform. It was show us your taxes. What are you hiding? Who are you working for? And then at the same time, we need economic justice and tax fairness. We're sick of billionaires bragging about how little they pay in taxes. 

TODD: John, it seems as if you could look at these rallies two different ways. OK, maybe the general public isn't as moved on the tax return issue, but the fact that these rallies can happen fairly easily now on the left tells you the energy is on the left. 

JOHN SUNUNU: I think there is a little bit of energy on the left, if for no other reason because Trump provides a great focal point for them. And it is --

TODD: Sort of the way Obama did for the conservatives. 

SUNUNU: Sure, sure. And it's -- the coin flips. The big tax rallies used to be conservatives marking tax day and how long do you have to work until you can actually pay your taxes, and it gets later and later every year. 

TODD: You realize the majority of Republicans now are OK with the amount of taxes they pay, and last year they did not.

MCGHEE: And three out of every four Americans wants him to release his tax returns, so this is not -- he keeps saying that it didn't matter because he lost the popular vote by 3 million votes, but it does matter. People think it's unbelievable that he thinks he's above the law. 


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