Alex Jones: Trump’s Operation “Directly Credited Me Over The Telephone With Being One Of The Key Liberty Demographics” That Led To Trump's Win


From the February 16 edition of Genesis Communications Networks’ The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST):  And everybody just needs to know: Look at who the globalists are, look at who’s running things, look at who’s doing this to our country. And remember, someday -- maybe soon maybe long time, might be in between -- they will be brought to justice and they need to know that. Because they’re a bunch of megalomaniac narcissistic borderline personality disordered loons.

And me, I’m here letting you know how I feel, rallying humanity to get out of their complacency. And I will tell you, the demographics, the numbers, President Trump’s operation has directly credited me, over the telephone, with being one of the key liberty demographics that put Trump over the edge.

The shock troops, you name it. And it was everybody together, but I’m just telling you: The enemy knows that.


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