Alex Jones And Roger Stone: Reince Priebus Role In White House A “Mistake”

Alex Jones And Roger Stone: Reince Priebus Role In White House A “Mistake”

Stone: "It's Very Clear The President Needs To Clean House"


From the February 15 edition of Genesis Communications Networks’ The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): It was Reince Priebus running around saying that the popular vote doesn’t matter, and trying to stop Trump getting the nomination. In fact, I think the only mistake Trump has made is putting this guy in there.

ROGER STONE: An enormous mistake. Look, better a snake in the grass than an asp in the bosom.

JONES: Yes. Absolutely, good biblical saying, you don’t want to have a viper in your pants, it's better to have him in the grass, I agree.

STONE: And look it’s very clear the president needs to clean house. He needs a team of men and women who are dedicated Trumpites, who are dedicated anti-globalists who see the big picture.


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