CNN's OutFront Profiles A Family Facing The Uncertainty Of ACA Repeal

CNN's OutFront Profiles A Family Facing The Uncertainty Of ACA Repeal

Miguel Marquez: "If They Get Rid Of Obamacare, Caps Are Reimposed, Or They Consider Their Son Having A Pre-Existing Condition, Suddenly Their Care Could Go Away."


From the February 6 edition of CNN's Erin Burnett OutFront:

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ERIN BURNETT (HOST): That is emotional and hard to watch. You point out they have insurance, they're not on Obamacare, but there was a lifetime cap of a million dollars, they were approaching that as Obamacare took effect. So, if those caps come back, they lose care.

MARQUEZ: That's their biggest concern. If they get rid of Obamacare, caps are reimposed, or they consider their son having a pre-existing condition, suddenly their care could go away, they're just not sure what is going to happen, and all of the talk about repeal without a sense of what will replace it is putting another level of stress on their life and many others. Before Obamacare there were many, many people whose lives were financially destroyed, even with good insurance, because they went over that million dollar limit. 

BURNETT: Well as I said you put a face to it, and I think it makes everyone realize these aren't just words, "repeal and replace," these are lives.


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