Incoming ​White House ​Press Secretary Praises "Conservative Media" And Advocates For Increasing Their Access

Sean Spicer: "​There's A Lot Of Proliferation, ​Especially On ​The ​Conservative Media Side​,​ People ​Who ​Have Done A Really Good Job" And Should "Have An Opportunity To Have Their Questions Asked And Answered To Get That Perspective Out"


From the January 8 edition of Fox News' MediaBuzz:

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HOWARD KURTZ (HOST): My question for you is, you've dealt with reporters for years. You're a veteran spokesman, you're very good at this. Do you think the media lie and are intentionally dishonest?

SEAN SPICER: I think some reporters clearly have a bias and choose to only look at part of a story, so there's no question about it. As you said, I've been doing this for a long time, thank you for the compliment. But I also believe that some reporters have chosen to look at the click-bait model of reporting which is, ignore some facts because more will be sensational and will generate more retweets or clicks, and that is dishonest. The job of a good reporter is to make sure you put all of the facts out there, report the entire story in context, and I think for some reporters they would rather overlook some facts because the story might not be as glamorous or sensational.


KURTZ: On the question of White House briefings, you've now said that there will be something every day -- may not be televised, may be some kind of off-camera gaggle or meeting, but what's the argument against televising every White House press briefing? That there's too much posturing for the cameras?

SPICER: Yeah, and again, I just want to be 100 percent crystal clear. What I'm doing is the same thing that the president-elect has challenged everyone that he has asked to serve in his administration, whether they're at the staff level or the cabinet level, which is to go in, look at how we can do things better, and deliver a better product to the American people whether it's a press briefing or getting information out or whether it's reforming the VA. He's challenged everybody that is going to serve in this administration to see if we can do things better, more effectively, more efficiently. And I'm doing what he's asking me to do, which is --

KURTZ: Right. But on the question of the cameras, potentially what's the upside?

SPICER: Right. And one of the things that reporters and others have pointed out equally is that sometimes once the cameras go on, then it becomes more of a show than an informational session where news is discussed and a back-and-forth ensues with the press core. So several folks in the press corps and frankly past press secretaries have suggested that that be looked at. It wasn't until, you know, it hasn't been that long since that's been the case, and I think there are other institutions that have done that. And, again, maybe we don't change anything. Maybe we add a gaggle to the daily press conference, maybe we just invite more of the American people into this conversation, which I think the president-elect is very keen on because this is a conversation that shouldn't be limited to just the big media, if you will. There's a lot of proliferation, especially on the conservative media side, people who have done a really good job and are committed to making sure they get the story straight. They should have equal access and have an opportunity to have their questions asked and answered to get that perspective out to key constituencies.


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