MSNBC’s All In Documents Unaddressed Deaths In Potential Trump Nominee Sheriff David Clarke's Jails

MSNBC’s All In Documents Unaddressed Deaths In Potential Trump Nominee Sheriff David Clarke's Jails

Chris Hayes: “A Newborn Dead In A Jail Is No Small Thing”


From the November 29 edition of MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes:

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CHRIS HAYES (HOST): Since Clarke is under consideration to run part of the federal government, we thought we'd talk to someone who knows his record well.

And joining me now, Wisconsin state representative Mandela Barnes, representing Milwaukee. And Representative Barnes, what is your assessment of Mr. Clarke's performance in his role as the Sheriff of Milwaukee County as opposed to his role as a sort of provocateur and talking head?

MANDELA BARNES: Well, that's about all he is, a provocateur and talking head. He's shown nothing but a culture of mismanagement in his time as Milwaukee County sheriff, conveniently putting his political ambitions above the needs of the people of Milwaukee County.

He had so much audacity even to neglect to protect President Barack Obama when he was in Milwaukee a few years back, yet he's parading around with Donald Trump, made sure he made it to the Republican National Convention, and he does more political speeches and political travel than he does actually work as sheriff of Milwaukee County.

There's been four deaths in four months. He's already been on the hook for over $400,000 in lawsuits, and we're looking at potentially millions more if there -- these four deaths are settled.

HAYES: I'm curious how -- and obviously we're quoting Journal-Sentinel reporting and I have sources and friends in Milwaukee who I have talked to a bit about his reputation there, how much this is -- is an issue, is a scandal there. I mean, obviously they deny that the charges of the woman who is suing, but a newborn dead in a jail is no small thing.

BARNES: Right. And so this is Sheriff Clarke not performing his duties. This is his staff under his supervision. Imagine if he's the head of Homeland Security, what kind of trouble that spells for people across the entire United States. It should be very frightening for a lot of people who only hear Sheriff David Clarke, but don't actually know Sheriff David Clarke's actions.


HAYES: He's said a lot of very controversial things. He's talked about our institutions of government and big media are corrupt, all we do is bitch, pitchfork and torches time. He also said --

BARNES: And he incited a riot.

HAYES: Yeah, he said "Black Lives Matter will join forces with ISIS to bring down our legally constituted republic. You heard it here first." This is someone who oversees a law enforcement agency who presumably has to provide security at protests and so forth.

BARNES: Yeah, so someone should have to assume what his role as Homeland Security Director would be --

HAYES: That's right.

BARNES: -- with peaceful protesters who could potentially be detained, who could potentially stripped of all of their rights. He's not a person who even abides by the Constitution. He's not a person who I consider to be serious law enforcement professional. Again, he is a provocateur, he is a right-wing talking head, and it stops there.


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