Fox's Chris Wallace Questions Whether It Is "A Bad Thing" For Trump To Attack The New York Times

Fox's Chris Wallace Questions Whether It Is "A Bad Thing" For Trump To Attack The New York Times

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From the November 13 edition of Fox Broadcasting Company's Fox News Sunday:

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CHRIS WALLACE (HOST): Chuck, any idea how to answer James about which Trump we're going to see?

CHARLES LANE: I would put it this way, the only person at this point who can defeat Donald Trump is Donald Trump. He is the one who has it within his power -- really just through his behavior and temperament -- to make or break this crucial six-month period here. And we've had conflicting signals, we've seen him give a very statesmanlike speech after he was --

WALLACE: The victory speech.

LANE: After he was elected and we've seen him conduct himself with great dignity in the White House. And then we have, thank you, Julie, last night his tweet, "Wow, The New York Times is losing thousands of subscribers because of their very poor, highly inaccurate coverage of the Trump phenomenon." We also had a somewhat provocative tweet he put out with respect to protesters. He has said, "oh, I will be restrained with Twitter." This is the imponderable --

WALLACE: Are you sure that isn't a bad thing for him to take a shot at The New York Times?

LANE: Politically, I'm sure it makes his folks feel great, I'm sure it makes him feel great. Here is what I'm driving at, the world is full of surprises and very often they come in the foreign policy arena for the first six months of a new president. His ability to control this side of himself in such a crisis, if it comes, will have a lot to do with just about everything else he's trying to achieve.


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