Alex Jones: Clinton Victory Could Lead To “War Of The Death Squads” Scenario

Alex Jones: Clinton Victory Could Lead To “War Of The Death Squads” Scenario

Guest Matt Bracken: “The Only Way Back Will Be A Shooting Civil War”


From the November 8 edition of Genesis Communications Networks’ The Alex Jones Show:

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MATT BRACKEN: Demographically, we’re doomed. If they keep the borders wide open for another election cycle, if they get another couple Ruth Bader Ginsburgs on the Supreme Court, then the only way back will be a shooting civil war. And a shooting civil war today won’t be a clean North-South thing – like war in northern Virginia with a line around Richmond, it’s going to be more like Bloody Kansas, or Missouri, with Quantrill and the Red Legs. It'll be a war of assassinations, IEDs -- it’s going to be a really nasty war.

ALEX JONES (HOST): It’s going to be the war of the death squads.

BRACKEN: Yeah. Or like Argentina in the ‘70s with people being taken out on helicopters and thrown out in the ocean. It’s going to be that kind of a war.


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