Morning Joe Devolves Into Screaming Match After Bill Kristol Calls Out Hosts For "Rewriting History" On The Show's Trump Coverage

Morning Joe Devolves Into Screaming Match After Bill Kristol Calls Out Hosts For "Rewriting History" On The Show's Trump Coverage

Kristol Mocks Joe Scarborough: "This Show Was Really Tough On Trump In Late 2015 And Early 2016" 


From the October 20 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe

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BILL KRISTOL: You feel great because the Republican Party nominated a guy who's really a bad guy as president and you think it's funny and amusing. 

MIKA BRZEZISNKI (CO-HOST): No, I actually think Republicans need to come clean on themselves, including leaders of the Republican Party.

KRISTOL: Well thank you. What is come clean on themselves mean? They opposed --

BRZEZISNKI: Just be honest about what's right and wrong and don't sit there and go -- 

KRISTOL: Well what's wrong is Donald Trump. This show -- this show was very tough -- this show was really tough on Trump in late 2015 and early 2016. 


KRISTOL: Are you going to pretend that?


KRISTOL: If that's your way of rewriting history, that's fine with you guys.

BRZEZISNKI: You mean when Joe hung up on him when he wouldn't answer a question? Do you mean when we peppered him with questions again and again and we got him to say mass deportation forces? 

KRISTOL: A lot of people accommodated Donald Trump at different times. I think I'm -- but I'm not going to get into it. 

SCARBOROUGH: Well no no no you just did. You lied. Please don't come on my air and lie. You said in late '15, in early December -- I can't even believe you're doing this, I don't know why you're so bitter. 

KRISTOL: I'm not bitter. I'm trying to say that Republicans, I'm trying to say that Republicans need -- 

SCARBOROUGH: You're practically crying. You're practically crying. 

KRISTOL: I am upset about this election. That's right Joe, because you think it's amusing that Donald Trump is the nominee. 

SCARBOROUGH: In early December 2015 we compared it to Germany 1933 what he was doing. 

KRISTOL: Oh that's just -- really? 

SCARBOROUGH: Oh really. 

KRISTOL: And you treated him that way when he called in, is that right? 

SCARBOROUGH: Yeah we treated him tough. 

KRISTOL: You asked the most tough questions. 



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