Wash. Post's Farenthold: Sexist Hot Mic Comments Reveal How Donald Trump Acted "In A Private Moment"

Wash. Post's Farenthold: Sexist Hot Mic Comments Reveal How Donald Trump Acted "In A Private Moment"

David Farenthold: Trump Claims His Sexist Remarks Are Just Entertainment, But "This Is A Very Private Moment" With "A Few Guys On The Bus"


From the October 7 edition of MSNBC's The Place For Politics:

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DAVID FARENTHOLD: What you are hearing is Trump and Billy Bush, the host of Access Hollywood at the time, were mic'd up on the bus as they drive up and get ready to get off and begin their segment. So, you are hearing their talk on the bus as they approach. You can't see them, but you can hear them. That's what you're hearing. That's where most of the lewd comments -- all the lewd comments are made in that context.


FARENTHOLD: The interesting thing for me was that Trump recently said in an interview with a Nevada TV station that when he was -- talked about women in negative ways it was always for entertainment purposes; he was sort of playing a character, showing off. This is a very private moment. It's not somewhere he's entertaining anybody beyond the few other guys who were on the bus with him. That's what makes this a pretty interesting and revealing view of Trump in a private moment.


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