CBS' John Dickerson: Trump Campaign Statement On Sexist Hot Mic Audio Was “No Apology”

CBS' John Dickerson: Trump Campaign Statement On Sexist Hot Mic Audio Was “No Apology”


From the October 7 edition of CBS' CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley

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JOHN DICKERSON: This is a stunning blow for a campaign, the Trump campaign that can't really afford it. The candidate's been kind of on his heels since the last debate and this is a tape people can listen to, not just a regular old locker room banter, but about the Republican nominee talking in quite bright terms about how easy it is for him to use his fame to grope women, to have his way with women, to grab them, to what some would imagine is sexual assault. And he's quite light and bright about it. That's incredibly damaging, with all kinds of different voters but specifically with evangelical voters, with women voters. And Donald Trump's apology, he said, "I apologize if anybody was offended." That's no apology at all. 


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