Fox Business Regular Accuses Clinton Of "Fascism" For Criticizing Trump's Taxes

Fox Business Regular Accuses Clinton Of "Fascism" For Criticizing Trump's Taxes

Peter Morici: Hitting Trump For Not Paying Taxes Is "Demagoguery, And It Borders On Fascism"


From the October 4 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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STUART VARNEY (HOST): Joining us, Peter Morici, professor of economics at the University of Maryland. All right, Hillary said right there he didn't pay a dime in taxes, and I don't know whether she knows that or not. But she said he doesn't pay a dime, so he doesn't contribute. What's your reaction?

PETER MORICI: Well, it's demagoguery, and it borders on fascism. The reality is the media is not calling her on what she said. Donald Trump is in an industry where people sometimes incur very huge losses in a particular year. You know, if the casino industry collapses there is no tourism in Atlantic City, you lose big dollars, or something like that. But Donald Trump is vulnerable largely because of his own missteps, and that is not publishing his income tax returns, because what we'd likely see is that -- or he'd be broke today -- is that he made a lot of profits in years going forward and he did get to count some of those losses. Companies do that all the time, and he contributes to this economy no matter what because he's built structures that pay property taxes, support municipalities, and so forth. I only wish that Hillary Clinton had done nothing, then we wouldn't have ISIS, and Benghazi, and those terrorists, and so forth. But she has done her handiwork, so this is really nonsense.


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