Morning Joe Mocks People For Pointing Out That Trump Is "Graded On A Curve"

Morning Joe Mocks People For Pointing Out That Trump Is "Graded On A Curve"

Joe Scarborough: "Write Your Little Articles In Vox Or Wherever You Want To Write Your Little Articles"


From the September 14 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

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JOE SCARBOROUGH (CO-HOST): OK. I don't want to get pounded. I'm getting pounded.


SCARBOROUGH: Everyone is going to say, "Oh, the expectations are so much lower for Donald Trump." Well what if they are? So if they are, I'm saying he's getting better on a prompter. Go ahead, write your little blog. He's getting better.

NICOLLE WALLACE: "They're grading him on a curve!" I'll forward you my hate.

SCARBOROUGH: Oh my god. But, you know what? It's like they don't want to hear what's happening in the election. Two weeks ago when I said it was going to get tight, everybody went crazy. It got tight, OK? He is performing in a way in stage that's going to help his cause. Write your little articles in Vox or wherever you want to write your little articles --

BRZEZINSKI: Oh my lord.

SCARBOROUGH: But it is the case that he's getting better on stage, alright?


SCARBOROUGH: And what that means is if he sucks on stage, and he's a couple points behind, and he gets better on stage communicating in a more disciplined way at least for a day, he's probably going to do better going into fall. 

BRZEZINSKI: You've given that too much time.

SCARBOROUGH: That's all I have to say.


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