CNN Panel Aghast At Trump Supporter's Claim That Hillary Clinton's Nomination Is "Tearing Down Men"

CNN Panel Aghast At Trump Supporter's Claim That Hillary Clinton's Nomination Is "Tearing Down Men"

Michaela Angela Davis: "When You Say Something Like Girls Are Powerful, You're Not Saying Boys Are Not"


From the July 27 edition of CNN's America's Choice 2016: Democratic National Convention:

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CAROL COSTELLO (HOST): Okay, Scottie, the theme of the night seemed to be when it was all wrapped up, seemed to be it will be women who defeat Donald Trump. And I think that the president of Planned Parenthood put it in those stark terms. So I want you to comment on what she said after we listen to her remarks. 


CECILE RICHARDS: Donald Trump has called women fat pigs. And dogs. He wants to punish women for having abortions. And he says pregnancy is, quote, an inconvenience for a woman's employer. Well, Mr. Trump, come this November, women are going to be a lot more than an inconvenience. Yep. Because women are going to be the reason you're not elected to be president. 


COSTELLO: Agree, Scottie? 

SCOTTIE NELL HUGHES: Completely disagree. I mean, I agree; last night was historical. Let's put it in the history books. But if a woman walks into the voting booth and pulls that lever for Hillary Clinton just because she is a woman, that right there I think is sexist. Last night we had a great opportunity, and Hillary Clinton when she was in that room of girls as you addressed, said if are a daughter or a girl you could be president too, this woul've been an excellent opportunity to say, you know what, whether you're boy or you're girl, both of you, my job will be to make sure it's equally an option for both of you. That's the problem we've done. We continue to say we want equality, that we want equal. But then tear down one group and try to build up another. That's what I heard last night when she said that.

COSTELLO: So is Hillary Clinton tearing down men? 

HUGHES: I think she was to a certain extent. What about my son? Does my son, from what she said, your daughter can become one as well. I immediately, what about making it equal so that both of them have the opportunity? Why does it that she is going to sit there and put favor on one? That's the problem we have with today. And I think we have that issue with race, we have that issue with with gender, and while, like I said, I'm celebrating the fact, yes, she got the nomination, but I think we have to sit there and go beyond that now and actually look at their policies. 

COSTELLO: These two women are sitting here aghast at what you're just saying. 

HUGHES: That's kind of what I just said.

MICHAELA ANGELA DAVIS: I'm glad you say that's what you heard, because there is no disputing your lens, like that's what you heard. But it is just stunning how when you can say something positive about one group that it is a negative on another. And I think that's really where the discourse gets so convoluted. When you say something like girls are powerful, you're not saying boys are not. We have 40-something examples of men --


HUGHES: But Hillary Clinton is not just a president, if she gets elected, for women. She's a president for men too. 

DAVIS: That's stunning.

SALLY KOHN: So I'm so sorry. But acknowledging Hillary Clinton is a woman, that it is a historic accomplishment to break that glass ceiling that has existed, and wait, wait, wait, it's not to suggest, it's not the same as saying we would only vote for her as a woman. And Scottie, I love you, but saying that is sexist.


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