CNN Debunks Trump's Ethics Attack On Clinton VP Choice Tim Kaine

CNN Debunks Trump's Ethics Attack On Clinton VP Choice Tim Kaine

CNN Correspondent Chris Frates: "While Trump Is Trying To Tie Kaine To McDonnell, There Are Really Big Differences Here"


From the July 23 edition of CNN Newsroom

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CHRISTI PAUL (HOST): Donald Trump has something to say about all of this. His campaign calling Clinton's VP pick ethically challenged. CNN correspondent Chris Frates is following that end of the story. 

​CHRIS FRATES: Good morning Christie, you're exactly right here, the Trump campaign already has a nickname for Hillary Clinton's running mate. They're tagging Tim Kaine "corrupt Kaine." And Trump's trying to make an issue out of about $160,000 in gifts that Kaine received back when he was lieutenant governor and governor of Virginia. He accepted things like clothes, travel, even a vacation, but those gifts were legal in Virginia, as long as any gift over $50 bucks was publicly disclosed. Now here's what Trump tweeted about it last night. ​He says, "Is it the same Tim Kaine that took hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts while governor of Virginia, and didn't get indicted while Bob M did?" Now, it seems that Trump's referring to former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell. He was convicted of federal corruption charges after being accused of accepting gifts from a businessman in exchange for promoting that person's company. Now, the Supreme Court overturned McDonnell's conviction last month. ​But while Trump is trying to tie ​Kaine to McDonnell there are really big differences here. Number one, Kaine disclosed his gifts. McDonnell didn't make all of his gifts public. ​Number two, Kaine's been accused of -- Kaine's never been accused of promising any kind of state actions in exchange for gifts.


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