David Duke Lists Trump As “Factor” For Senate Run, Says He’s “Very Thankful” For Trump's Campaign

David Duke Lists Trump As “Factor” For Senate Run, Says He’s “Very Thankful” For Trump's Campaign

Duke: "I Was Very Impressed" With Trump's RNC Speech


From the July 22 edition of Rense Radio Network’s David Duke Show:

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DAVID DUKE: I’ll give you some of the factors that encouraged me to do it.


The interesting thing is that the people of my state and the people of this country now recognize clearly I’ve been telling the truth. I saw the Donald Trump statement last night, the speech last night, I was very impressed with it. And I’m very thankful that Donald Trump -- and really it’s obvious, just listen to this applause he got, the obvious fact is that the majority of the Republican Party now, as well as Donald Trump, as well as I think really, he’s going to win this race.


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