CNN's Chris Cuomo Highlights Trump’s Hypocrisy On Middle East Business Ventures

CNN's Chris Cuomo Highlights Trump’s Hypocrisy On Middle East Business Ventures

Cuomo: “He’s Not Averse To Doing Business With People Just Because They Don’t Support LGBT Rights”


From the June 22 edition of CNN's New Day:

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CHRIS CUOMO (HOST): Here's what you're going to hear about this. Two questions about the money so far. One, the Clinton Global Initiative. I know that's a big ticket for you and you believe that foreign governments donated for influence. We saw that in the Washington Post as well, certainly out there in the campaign. Do you think it's fair criticism of Trump to say, well you've had your foreign dealings with some of these guys also. You rented space to Gadhafi to put up his big tent, you did deals with Dubai, you do deals in the part of the world --

MICHAEL COHEN: Donald Trump wasn't secretary of state. 

CUOMO: But you've shown that you're willing to do business with bad people? 

COHEN: Well first of all, the whole thing with Gadhafi, he didn't do business with Gadhafi. It was through some intermediary third party who was unnamed. When they found out who it was, he was never pitching the tent on the property, and that was the end of that. He had no idea that it was Gadhafi. 

CUOMO: You don't think it states the same kind of compromises for Trump as for Clinton? 

COHEN: Absolutely not. She's secretary of state. There's not even a comparison that could be drawn. I'm a little shocked at the question. 

CUOMO: The -- don't be shocked by the question, it's coming from me just in terms of making it a parallel playing field, right? The Clinton campaign, will say, well, it's not like he's averse to doing business with people just because they don't support LGBT rights. 

COHEN: There's a big difference. When you're secretary of state and they're giving you money not because of anything that you can do for, that they want -- 

CUOMO: They were giving it to the foundation. 


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