Fox & Friends Hypes "Conspiracy" That That Google Is Manipulating Searches To "Bury The Bad Stuff" On Clinton


Fox News host Brian Kilmeade and Fox News chief judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano accused Google of “manipulating the search [results] for Hillary [Clinton] to bury the bad stuff.” Napolitano said that “we know” Google “has” manipulated search results relating to Hillary Clinton according to a "very extensive test," and that the result is an example of “the Google, Eric Schmidt, President Obama, Democratic National Committee, west wing circle that we all know exists.” But, according to CNNMoney, “Despite what you might have seen online, Google is not manipulating its search results to favor Hillary Clinton.” CNNMoney noted that the “conspiracy theory” of manipulating searches “sounds convincing,” but, “To say that Google is trying to put Clinton in a favorable light by hiding negative search results just isn't true.” From the June 16 edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Google is under fire after reports have now surfaced that it's skewing searches to hide negative results for Hillary Clinton.


What is that, Hillary Clinton India? So, is Google manipulating the search for Hillary to bury the bad stuff? Here to weigh in is Fox News lead judicial analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano.

ANDREW NAPOLITANO: I'm laughing because who the heck would google, "Hillary Clinton India?"


The clip that we just ran is the result of a very extensive test, an examination, about whether or not attempts to find things like, "crime," "criminal activity," "indictment," have been filtered out by Google, and we know that it has. They are making you type out the full word "indictment." Now, it's not a big deal to type out the full word, but we all know the way this works. You type out the first three letters and know what is going to come up. They have clearly manifested the Google, Eric Schmidt, President Obama, Democratic National Committee, west wing Circle that we all know exists. Google is far left and now they're even more obvious by they're doing this.

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