Trump Allies Roger Stone And Alex Jones Discuss Whether Huma Abedin Is A Terrorist, "Hillary's Girlfriend," And “Good-Looking”

Stone: Abedin “Looks Great Whether She’s Going To A U.N. Cocktail Party Or A Muslim Brotherhood Bomb-Making” Party


From the June 14 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES: Bottom line Hillary Clinton’s girlfriend is a Saudi spy. Is that the headline? 

ROGER STONE: I don’t know whether she is Hillary’s handler, whether she’s an asset or I mean -- you don’t know how deep it goes.

JONES: Well all I know is they stay in the same bedroom together when they travel.

STONE: There is evidence that that is accurate. But again, the left wants to say --

JONES: Why couldn’t Hillary get a good-looking girlfriend? Like a Marilyn Monroe or something, this woman looks -- looks like Bin Laden.

STONE: Well, I think that Huma is stunning. If you go to my 2015 Stone Zone Best and Worst Dressed List, which I do every January, a 10-year tradition, which I adopted from Mr. Blackwell, you’ll find her on my list. She looks great whether she’s going to a U.N. cocktail party or a Muslim Brotherhood bomb-making --

JONES: Well I’m not, and I shouldn’t be doing low blows against Hillary’s girlfriend, I’m just baiting the media into picking this up.


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