Blitzer To Trump: “Don’t You Think You Need A Higher Standard” Than Conspiracy Theories From National Enquirer?

Blitzer To Trump: “Don’t You Think You Need A Higher Standard” Than Conspiracy Theories From National Enquirer?

Blitzer: As The GOP Presumptive Nominee, "You Need A Higher Standard" Than That


From the May 4 edition of CNN's The Situation Room

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WOLF BLITZER (HOST): Yesterday with this National Enquirer story, I just want you to clarify. You don't really believe --

DONALD TRUMP: I didn't say 

BLITZER: -- that Ted Cruz's father had anything to do with the assassination of President Kennedy?

TRUMP: No, I don't believe it. 

BLITZER Because this was a story that was in the National Enquirer

TRUMP Of course I don't think that. 

BLITZER Here is the question, you are the presumptive Republican presidential nominee -- 

TRUMP No, I wasn't. Not at the time. 

BLITZER Last week you said you were, or you thought you were. 

TRUMP: It was not announced until last night.

BLITZER: Don't you think you need a higher standard though than to get involved in this kind of stuff? 

TRUMP: Wolf, here is what happened. Ted Cruz's father seems like a nice guy, I don't know him, but seems like a nice guy, he made horrible statements about me, you know, pray -- praying for bad things to happen to me. Okay, essentially. I said that's horrible. And I was on a show, one of your competitors, and they showed me the clip. I said, wow, that's horrible. It's not just a one-way street, you know, where I do something. It was a horrible statement. I was actually surprised by it. And during that and when I said how bad it was that a man would say something like that I said, well, why don't you read the various magazines because it's not only there, it was put in numerous where he has a picture of himself with Lee Harvey Oswald. I'm not saying they conspired.

BLITZER: It was on the internet. But the National Enquirer put it on its cover

TRUMP: I'm just saying, it was all over the place. I said well why don't you talk about that. That was it. I'm not saying he did it but I'm just saying it was all over the place. 

BLITZER: Now that you're the Republican presumptive nominee you have to have a higher standard than to repeat conspiratorial theories like that. 


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