Fox Host Calls Campus Sexual Assault PSA “Fearmongering At Its Worst,” Encourages Women To Carry Guns

Fox Host Calls Campus Sexual Assault PSA “Fearmongering At Its Worst,” Encourages Women To Carry Guns


From the April 20 edition of Fox News’ Outnumbered:

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MEGHAN MCCAIN (CO-HOST): The college acceptance letter gets a grim makeover in the student newspaper at Harvard. This ad, produced by organization known as Don't Accept Rape and later obtained by Campus Reform, was published in the Harvard Crimson. It’s part of a shock campaign aimed at promoting the statistic that one in five women will be sexually assaulted in college. Here is clip of fictional students opening the letter that will change their lives forever. 


JULIE ROGINSKY (CO-HOST): I got to say, listen, mission accomplished right? They brought attention to what they consider to be epidemic on college campuses. I know there’s different statistics about this, but there is certainly no question that rape and date rape does happen on college campuses. To what extent I'm not sure, but seems to be fairly prevalent and they seem to believe it is. It’s uncomfortable to watch, but I think that was the whole point, right, wasn’t it?

HARRIS FAULKNER (CO-HOST): Mission accomplished? Really? Wouldn't the mission be that be to solve it?

ROGINSKY: Listen acknowledging, I would think that they would argue acknowledging that the problem exists -- 

FAULKNER: I would rather you send me a letter that tells me tells me how you’re going to tighten security, how you’re going to go after sexual predators and how you're not going to actually make other men on campus, young men on campus pay for your --

ROGINSKY: But Harris I think their point is --

FAULKNER: How are you going to tell the difference?

ROGINSKY: I think their point is, in this ad, their point is that they’re not -- they're saying colleges are not doing anything about it, that they're not suspending these boys. So they have to bring it to our attention because they feel the administration is doing nothing. 

MCCAIN: I’d go so far as to say why don't you get self-defense classes on campus as well to help deal with this. I'm not against women having guns and firearms to protect themselves. That’s why I'm a big Second Amendment, NRA person. I also think this is fearmongering at its worst. I mean, when I went to college I was petrified to move from  Arizona to New York City. I was already freaked out. If somebody was like, “You’re probably going to get raped, Meghan, when you go to college” -- I mean what’s that going to make young women not want to go to college? I just don't think this is effective at all.


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