Ingraham: Springsteen's Protest Of North Carolina Anti-LGBT Law Is "Demeaning" To “The True Struggles” For Human Rights

Ingraham: Springsteen's Protest Of North Carolina Anti-LGBT Law Is "Demeaning" To “The True Struggles” For Human Rights


From the April 15 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Everything is fluid, the gender is -- there is no gender. What’s gender? It doesn’t mean anything. It means whatever you want it to mean. There are no objective standards, the idea of right and wrong is silly. Oh, except if it’s their right and wrong, if it their attempt at indoctrination whether it’s on the social structure, or marriage, or relationships. Well, that’s OK. They can judge morning, noon, and night. You’re seeing that with all of the rockers, usually aging rockers, who are boycotting this or that southern state for their religious liberty initiatives. I love it’s all these people that, you know, their heyday is for the most part way back in the rear view. Well I’m not -- Bryan Adams -- I’m not performing in North Carolina, or Georgia, or wherever the heck it is. Who cares? I guess they don’t care about their fans in these states, do you every think about that, the performers who are not doing right by their actual fans.


Is this what it’s come to? The great civil rights struggle of our time is whether you can use the bathroom of your gender? Is that really how low of a bar we've set for ourselves? That's it? Men who want to use the ladies room because they identify at some particular time in their life as a woman. It raises all sorts of questions, like what part of your transition do you need to be in in order to qualify for that? And does it matter when you have young girls in restrooms, maybe they’re teenage girls, and mothers with children, do their sensibilities matter? At all? They’re not horrible, hateful people, they don’t have anything against you but maybe they just want to be in the ladies room. And maybe you identify as something but they identify you as a man.

But you see the tolerance only goes one way. You can never be tolerant of the moms or the young girls, or maybe in a men’s room, of the men. If a woman identifies as a man -- even I'm getting confused about this. You see how confusing this ends up being? And I think that’s the whole point. They want to keep it confusing. So in state after state after state we're going to have this big debate about the bathrooms. California has dealt with this issue. We’ve seen it come up time and again. This is the bar they are setting. Civil rights used to be about who could get educated and whether individuals are going to have an opportunity to be educated, get educated without regard to their skin color and I believe the civil rights struggle, the real civil rights struggle, is to free up educational opportunities choice for these minority students all across the country, often times locked in underperforming schools. Allow them a voucher to go wherever they want. Now to me, that's a civil rights struggle.

But a bathroom, now, is a civil rights struggle? So Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams -- there's a whole bunch of other people who have jumped on to the bathroom bandwagon. To me it's just demeaning to them, and to the true struggles in any civil rights or human rights situation that we find ourselves in. I'm thinking about this -- you are really out of issues if this is your big issue. Do women mind about this? Let's say in your community, anyone can use any bathroom, including the bathrooms with multiple stalls. I don't even like men coming into the nail salon that I'm in, let alone into the bathroom.


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