Fox Contributor: CIA Director Brennan Was “Clearly Playing His Part In The Political Campaign" By Ruling Out Waterboarding

Pete Hegseth: Brennan’s Rejection Of Waterboarding Was A “Stab At Cruz And Trump”


From the April 11 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

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ABBY HUNTSMAN (HOST): On this topic of terrorism, this is the big news out of the day, the CIA director, coming out, [Director John] Brennan, saying that he is doing away with waterboarding, even if the president tells him to do it. 


HUNTSMAN: Pete, you understand the reality that we face better than many people out there and you hear him say this. And this is a balance how do we keep the American people safe, given the threat of terror today? 

PETE HEGSETH: Except we don't know that Barack Obama would actually make that call in that moment. That's part of the problem. Will the real Brennan please stand up? Because this is the guy that previously said these types of techniques helped us find [Osama] bin Laden, helped us find key clues from Al Qaeda. So he's understood in past that this is a tactic that was effective. He's clearly playing his part in the political campaign right now, trying to stab at [Sen. Ted] Cruz and [Donald] Trump, both of which look at the weakness of this administration and they understand the appetite of the American people. They're willing to do something like waterboarding if it's going to keep us safe. All it would take is an executive order by the next president to change that law and why do I feel like Brennan probably won't be the CIA director for either of those two? 



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