Fox’s Andrea Tantaros: Clinton Won't Be Indicted "In Obama's DOJ"

Fox’s Andrea Tantaros: Clinton Won't Be Indicted "In Obama's DOJ"

Tantaros: "The Reason Why She's So Cocky Is Because The White House Is Giving Her Cover."


From the April 8 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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JULIE ROGINSKY (CO-HOST): Can we just acknowledge that James Comey I think we could all agree is somebody who is not a partisan hack? And so if he recommends an indictment, I think Democrats should take that seriously and not say he is doing bidding of some Republican conspiracy. But if he doesn't recommend an indictment can we just say he did an investigation that found she did nothing criminally wrong that warrants an indictment? And, my concern here is, that people are so -- again, this is like a Rashomon movie where everybody wants to see what they want to seeAnd ultimately, let the FBI do its job. She has no choice but to say that there’s not going to be an investigation,  well we'll see what happens. She’s running for president.


ANDREA TANTAROS (CO-HOST): Well her argument is somehow that Republicans are after her. This is not the vast, right-wing Federal Bureau of Investigation. This is Obama's FBI, and I disagree with you on Comey. If you remember, Comey is a political guy. I mean this is the same guy that wouldn't reauthorize the NSA when John Ashcroft was in the hospital. They had to go to Ashcroft’s bedside to try and get him to sign these documents. Comey is a political guy, Julie, but Comey is not the problem. The FBI is going to do their work, this team of people investigating her, they are very skilled. I believe they are going to make a recommendation for indictment. Its not going to happen in Obama’s DOJ, and the reason why she's so cocky is because the White House is giving her cover. Even the president has given her cover. And that is why --

ROGINSKY: You just backed up my point. James Comey was working for the Bush administration and wouldn’t go along with what they wanted. What makes you think he would go along with something the Obama administration wanted?

TANTAROS: Because he was currying favor with liberals even back then.

ROGINSKY: Why would you say that? There's nothing in his resume to back that up. The reality --

TANTAROS: Of course there is.

ROGINSKY: No, there isn't and by the way he can't --

TANTAROS: He's a political guy.

ROGINSKY: Oh, so any FBI -- so under your scenario, any FBI director is a political guy. Then who can do this investigation to your credit? Got those?


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