On CBS, NYPD's John Miller Calls Out Cruz For "Campaigning Through Fear" With Proposal To Patrol Muslim Neighborhoods

Miller: "That Is Not The Direction American Policing Should Be Taking In A Democracy"


From the March 27 edition of CBS' Face the Nation:

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JOHN DICKERSON (HOST): Let me ask you, [New York City Police Commissioner William] Bratton responded to something that Senator Ted Cruz said this week when he suggested that we needed to patrol and secure Muslim communities before they become radicalized. The commissioner's response was very strong against that. Why so strong?

JOHN MILLER: Well I talked to the commissioner about this quite a bit. I think patrol and secure was a subtext for occupy and intimidate. I think if you listen to what he said and how he said it -- listen, we're the proudest country on the planet. And that's because we have been a leader in freedom and human rights and everything else. I think in our history if there are moments of shame it would be Japanese internment, the Red Scare and McCarthyism, torture after 9/11. These are things that on reflection through history the American people have rejected. And each one of those is driven by fear. And I think when you have people campaigning through fear and using that as leverage and then giving advice to the police to be the cudgel of that fear, that is not the direction American policing should be taking in a democracy. And I think that's what the commissioner was saying in today's op-ed in the New York Daily News.

DICKERSON: We have about thirty seconds. Does this present any -- does this affect the relationship with the police and the Muslim community at all, I mean, these kinds of comments or is this just what happens in a presidential campaign?

MILLER: Well, I think you've got a very interesting conversation going on here. And in the great law of unintended consequences, I think what Ted Cruz has done has caused police in America, particularly in New York, to have a voice that reassures the community as to what their role really is, which is to protect and serve.


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