Emily Tisch Sussman Dismantles Conservative Media Myth That Biden Set Precedent To Obstruct Supreme Court Nominees

Sussman: "The Rule That Biden Moved Forward With ... Was Actually Bringing Forth And Confirming" 17 Justices In Election Years.


From the March 17 episode of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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ASHLEY PRATTE: Well, Biden put this precedent in place, right? And now all of sudden Republicans are the ones who are evil and holding off a nomination to the Supreme Court, and oh my gosh it would be so terrible if there was an absence there. You know what? There is a campaign going on. And no one really wanted to be the sacrificial lamb offered up by President Obama. And Garland happened to be the one who is now involved in that, this political game that the Democrats are now playing saying oh, he's a centrist figure. you know what? His position on gun rights is actually not very centrist at all. And that's something that Republicans will be fighting for. So let's wait and let the people decide come November who will be determining who the nominee is to the Supreme Court. 

MARTHA MACCALLUM (CO-HOST): Emily, so the thinking is that Joe Biden set the precedent here and Republicans are merely going by that precedent. 

EMILY TISCH SUSSMAN: What Biden did was made a comment when he was the chair of the Judiciary Committee. And actually the comment he made right after that was saying that if you do bring forward a consensus moderate candidate, then we would absolutely give him a hearing and bring him in for a vote. That was actually the full comment that he made. And if we're going to talk about it as a rule, the rule that Biden moved forward with as chair of the Judiciary Committee was actually bringing forth and confirming justices. That's what he actually did when he was chair of the committee. He actually confirmed 17 justices in election years when he was the chair of the committee. So I think that's actually the rule here.


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