On CNN, Nina Turner Says GOP's "Chickens Are Coming Tome To Roost" With Rise Of Trump

Turner: "It Is Ironic To Me That Some Of The Same Republicans Right Now, Some Of Them Who Are Calling Out Mr. Trump, Did Not Call Him Out When He Pushed The Birther Movement"


From the March 13 edition of CNN's State of the Union:

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NINA TURNER: As somebody who is a historian, in terms of Mr. Trump saying he wants to make America great again, for some folks in this country, great again, what does that mean? We really do have to deal with the underlying factors of racism in this country that we refuse to deal with. And although Mr. Trump is helping that to percolate to the surface, this is not just about him.


TURNER: Racism is in the DNA of this country and we're seeing it percolate up to the surface. We have moments like this in our history. Even when President Obama was elected, that kind of stuff percolated to the top. And the chickens are coming home to roost. It is ironic to me that some of the same Republicans right now, some of them who are calling out Mr. Trump, did not call him out when he pushed the birther movement on our African American President Barack Obama. They were nowhere to be found, they thought it was cute. Now that it's plaguing their house, it's not so cute anymore.


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