Fox's Doocy: "The Plan To Reunite The [Republican] Party Behind Ted Cruz As The Anti-Trump Guy" Is "Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon"

Brian Kilmeade: "However, I Cannot See, Judging By The Polling, Any State Which [Cruz] Wins On Tuesday"


From the March 11 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (HOST): That was one of the funnier moments last night. Texas Senator Ted Cruz quick on his feet with a joke on last night's debate, but was his debate performance enough to give him an edge over the competition and have him win somewhere on Tuesday?


STEVE DOOCY (HOST):  But the problem, Governor, is the fact that John Kasich has made it very clear he's not dropping out before Ohio. He's the governor there and he's leading by a little bit. And Marco Rubio, while it had been rumored, you know, if he doesn't win Florida he's going have to drop out on Wednesday morning, he made it clear yesterday he's not going anywhere either. So you, the plan to reunite the party behind Ted Cruz as the anti-Trump guy, that's not going anywhere anytime soon.


KILMEADE: Right. Governor, and anyone who saw the debate last night could see how conversant he is on the issues. I thought he had a strong debate. However, I cannot see, judging by the polling, any state which he wins on Tuesday. Can he actually say he's a contender and go 0 for 5 on Tuesday?


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