CNN's Van Jones: Fox Moderators Should Have Asked Trump Why He Thinks His Candidacy "Is Appealing To The Klan"

Jones: Fox Should've Asked: "It's Great That You Don't Want" The KKK. "But Why Do They Want You?"


From the March 3 edition of CNN's AC360 Post Debate Special:

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VAN JONES: One of the things that we haven't talked about yet, and I thought the, again, the debate moderators missed an opportunity. They teed up this sort-of easy question for [Trump] around the KKK. He answered it in the way he always does and moved on. But the question really nobody has asked him, and I don't think we've asked ourselves, is not, why did you hesitate that one time to denounce. It's more, why do you think that they want to endorse you? What about your candidacy, Mr. Trump, is appealing to the Klan? It's great that you don't want them. But why do they want you? 


One way to think about it is, if ISIS had endorsed him -- let's say another terrorist organization. Say if ISIS had endorsed him. Or say Al-Qaeda had endorsed him. Imagine the response. But the biggest terrorist organization in the United States of, historically, has been the Klan. And also, I think people forget, more Americans have been killed in the United States since 9/11 by right-wing supremacist organizations than by jihadists. So this is a major terrorist threat. 


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