On CNN, Hugh Hewitt Makes Up A New Rule For SCOTUS Nominations: "Lame Ducks Don't Make Lifetime Appointments"

Hewitt: All Republicans Should Say "No Hearings, No Votes"


From the February 14 edition of CNN's State of the Union:

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HUGH HEWITT: If I were a Republican, whether the majority leader all the way down to the county clerk and every nominee, I would say very simply, no hearings, no votes. Lame ducks don't make lifetime appointments. And I would say that again --

DANA BASH (HOST): And he's a lame duck even a year out?

HEWITT: Easily. The last time -- Justice Kennedy has been referred to a lot -- was nominated in November of 1987 after Judge Bork had been blocked. That vacancy occurred in June of 1987. So there is no precedent. And I would simply add, the base will not forgive anyone. Senators will lose their jobs if they block the blockade. There should be an absolute blockade on this. And [Sen.] Patrick Leahy [(D-VT)], who was your guest earlier, voted 27 times to deny a vote or a hearing to Republican nominees between 2001 and 2003. Patrick Leahy created the conditions that he was decrying right now.


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