Fox's Howard Kurtz: "I Don't Think The RNC Should Pressure News Organizations Into Adding A Token Conservative" To Debates


From the February 14 edition of Fox News' MediaBuzz:

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HOWARD KURTZ (HOST): I've said I don't think the RNC should pressure news organizations into adding a token conservative. If they're going to pick somebody I'm glad it was you. Did you feel a little bit like a stranger in a strange land?

MARY KATHARINE HAM: It's certainly a different experience. But I do think they gave myself and the local anchor who were there, Josh McElveen, lots of room to run. There was not a ton of vetting of questions. They said, you know, these are the topics you like. We like the topics, too, and go for it. And so I really appreciated that. And I think that bringing those different perspectives in and then letting them have a little bit of leash I think is the way to go because you get to mix it up a bit.



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