CNN Analyst: At GOP Debate, Candidates "Fighting To Get Farther And Farther Away" From Most Americans On Immigration Reform


From CNN's February 13 coverage of the CBS Republican presidential primary debate:

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S.E. CUPP: I don't think anyone on that stage's hands are clean when it comes to immigration. And that's just because it's such a fraught issue. Donald Trump has flip-flopped on his immigration stance. Jeb Bush has had trouble sort of defining his record. None of them have completely pure records and pure positions. And explaining the nuance of Marco and Ted's maneuverings in the Senate, I'm not sure anyone walked away or ever walks away from this the winner or loser among voters. 

GLORIA BORGER: I think Donald Trump does. Donald Trump does. Donald Trump has the clearest immigration policy


JEFFREY TOOBIN: There's also another point worth making about this whole immigration debate, which is, they are fighting to get farther and farther away from what most Americans believe, right, because most Americans, polls show they do want a path to citizenship, they don't want 11 million people thrown out of the country. 

S.E. CUPP: But the majority of people on that stage, Jeffrey, agreed with them. The majority of people on that stage were running away from Donald Trump and said we don't want to just deport 15 million illegal immigrants. 

TOOBIN: Is that what you heard? Really? 

CUPP: They said it. 

MARC LAMONT HILL: On the one hand no, one wants to deport except Donald Trump but they are all trying to move away from the left-wing positions. They've all taken in my estimation fairly reasonable positions at moments and they're calling each other out on those moments of reason. And so now you have people dragging each other to the right, not to the Donald Trump extreme but to the right, which is going to hurt everyone in the general election

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