CNBC's Larry Kudlow Attacks Hillary Clinton For "Shrieking"

CNBC's Larry Kudlow Attacks Hillary Clinton For "Shrieking"

Kudlow Compares Clinton's Iowa Speech To "Something Out Of Lenin Or Trotsky"


From the February 4 edition of WLS' "Big" John Howell:

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KUDLOW: I was watching Hillary shriek -- did you watch her election night shrieking?

HOWELL: Yes, I'm so relieved. I'm so relieved. Yes.

KUDLOW: I mean I thought she was -- she reminded me of former Vermont Governor Howard Dean who's actually a good friend of mine. Remember that crazy thing when he was going through all the states and "we're going to win Iowa" --

HOWELL: "Ahhhhhhh"

KUDLOW: Right, she did the same thing. "[inaudible] have human rights, and this rights, and that rights, and free student loans, and free" -- she just went on and on and on. It was like something out of Lenin or Trotsky. I don't know what it was.


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