The Daily Show Mocks Media's Declaration That Marco Rubio Was "The Real Victor" In Iowa

The Daily Show Mocks Media's Declaration That Marco Rubio Was "The Real Victor" In Iowa


From the February 2 edition of Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Trevor Noah:

TREVOR NOAH (HOST): So then, Jordan, Ted Cruz lost?

JORDAN KLEPPER: Yeah. First place lost.

NOAH: Oh okay, I see, I see. So then in this marathon, Donald Trump coming in second is actually the best.

KLEPPER: Trump? Oh god no. Trump being humble is something no one wants to see. It's like walking in on your dad jerking off.

NOAH: Now I've got that image. Okay, got it. So, second place is also failure. So that means Bernie Sanders must be very disappointed.

KLEPPER: Are you kidding? He did almost as well as Hillary Clinton. That's a huge victory.

NOAH: Oh, so Hillary did good, then?

KLEPPER: No, she did almost as bad as Bernie Sanders. That's a huge loss.

NOAH: But she won.

KLEPPER: Exactly, she lost. She better pray she loses in New Hampshire, so she can get back on top. Like Marco Rubio.

NOAH: But Jordan, Marco Rubio came in third.

KLEPPER: Which is a Republican first.

NOAH: Is this a riddle? You know how I feel about riddles.

KLEPPER: I know, they're witchcraft. I get it.

NOAH: Okay, Jordan. So if I've got this right, even though Rubio came in third, he was the Republican winner?

KLEPPER: Yes. But now he's a loser, because he's going to be a target in Saturday's New Hampshire debate. He'd be wetting his pants if he wasn't so dehydrated.

NOAH: Oh, okay. I get it now, I get it. So if doing good is bad and doing bad is good, then Jeb Bush must have done amazing last night.

KLEPPER: No. Jeb can't do good or bad anymore. He can only do Jeb. Which is like bad, but worse.


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