Watch An Iraq War Veteran And Mexican Immigrant Tell GOP Debaters How Their Rhetoric Hurts Immigrants

Dulce Candy: "Some Of The Comments In The Campaign Make Us Question Our Place In The Country"


From the January 28 edition of Fox News' Republican Presidential Primary Debate:

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MEGYN KELLY (MODERATOR): This is a question from a YouTube creator with over 2 million subscribers. Watch. 

DULCE CANDY: I'm Dulce Candy, a YouTube creator who immigrated to the United States from Mexico, when I was a little girl. Since then, I'm proud to say I served in the armed forces in Iraq, became a citizen, and I am now an entrepreneur. There are many immigrants who contribute positively to the American economy, but some of the comments in the campaign make us question our place in the country. If America does not seem like a welcoming place for immigrant entrepreneurs, will the American economy suffer?


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