Fox's Stacey Dash Doubles Down: "There Is No Need" For The NAACP Or B.E.T.

Fox's Stacey Dash Doubles Down: "There Is No Need" For The NAACP Or B.E.T.

Dash Previously Said "There Shouldn't Be A Black History Month"


From the January 20 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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HARRIS FAULKNER: Our Hollywood person on the couch, Stacey, your thoughts?

STACEY DASH: Well, my thoughts are that the real issue is that there aren't enough opportunities for us people of color to have roles where it warrants us winning an Oscar. And then my second point of view is, either you want to be segregated or you want to be integrated. And if you want to be integrated then you don't need to have things like BET or the BET Awards, or the Image Awards, where you have to be black in order to win these, because if white people did that everyone would be up in arms. So either you're going to become an American and just be an American, a part of society and a part of Hollywood, or you're going to separate it and deal with this kind of issue. 


ANDREA TANTAROS: You hear the women speaking out saying we're not paid as much as the men, even though you see these liberals love to pat themselves on the back and think that they're so tolerant and open to women and to minorities. They're really not. And I would ask you, Stacey, whose fault is that? I mean, is it studio's fault for not funding the movies? Are there ideas out there? Are there scripts? Are people not writing them? Are there not enough people of color writing these screenplays? I mean, where is the root of the problem?

DASH: The root of the problem is what I said, that there are not -- the bar has been lowered. Because you've this segregated thing where you've got black Hollywood and white Hollywood. You've got black movies and you've got movies. That has to stop. It has to stop. There is no need for a BET or a BET Awards or an Image Awards or NAACP for that matter. We don't need it anymore.


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