Fox's Chris Stirewalt: 7 Years Ago Republicans Were "Terrified ... They Couldn't Say No To The First Black President"

Stirewalt: "Every Republican Was Not To Be Deemed The Racist Monster Who Was Opposing America's Beloved First Black President"


From the January 11 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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CHRIS STIREWALT (GUEST): We all remember Invesco Field -- how about how Washington, D.C. was seven years ago right now. The anticipation of change, people were exhausted by the Bush years. People wanted something different. Even people who had opposed Obama were grateful that change was coming and they thought, you know what? I'm not going to get my way on everything, but at least we're going to change a few things. Things are going to get going. And the president had something that is as rare as hen's teeth -- vanishingly rare in America today, which is good will and good sentiment from a broad majority of the population. 

MEGYN KELLY (HOST): So where did it go? Obamacare? I mean, the stimulus? What? 

STIREWALT: Yes, it's all of those things, but I would say this, it is a style of governance, it is an attitude, it is a philosophy about human nature. The president declined to exhibit what Peggy Noonan called patriotic grace, which I think is the perfect phrase. He declined to exhibit patriotic grace. He had the chance to say to his terrified -- as the Republicans were stock terrified in Washington, D.C. They were afraid they couldn't say no to the first black president who had just been elected. Not by a landslide, but he had given a thumping to John McCain. And the Republicans said we got to -- I don't know if we can oppose this guy at all. And they stood there ready to compromise, ready to give anything and he didn't even ask them. Oh my god.

KELLY: You remember the whole -- infamous Mitch McConnell comment, of my number one goal -- the number one goal is to defeat him politically?

STIEWALT: I promise you this, seven years ago today, the number one goal of Mitch McConnell and every Republican was not to be deemed the racist monster who was opposing America's beloved first black president. 


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