CNN's Camerota Rebuts Right-Wing Sheriff's Claim That Obama's Executive Actions Won't Stop Shootings

Alisyn Camerota: Obama's Executive Actions On Gun Violence "Actually Might Have Stopped, If The[y] Were In Place, The Charleston Massacre"


From the January 8 edition of CNN's New Day:

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PAUL BABEU: We have to look to solve these issues, $500 million dollars, quite frankly, that he proposed, isn't going to cut it.

ALISYN CAMEROTA (HOST):  Okay, but it's a start. Look, sheriff, it's a start. You're talking about the money that he's given towards the mental health component of this. That's what you're asking for. That's what everyone universally is asking for. Let's deal with the mental health component. He's allotting, asking for Congress for another $500 million dollars, it's a start. To your second part, about the background checks, you know, one of the mass shootings that I covered, it was in Charleston, South Carolina, that was a guy who should have been flagged in a background check. He had a felony narcotics charge.  And what the president said, connected to that, is that there simply isn't the manpower, these background checkers, there aren't enough of them, they're not working enough hours. He's calling in his executive action for them to work, for more, to add background checkers, for the background check process to be shorter so you don't just sort of wait out the three-day background check period and then hand over a gun. So it actually might have stopped, if these were in place, the Charleston massacre.

BABEU: Well, in that, no, it wouldn't have, because that person actually had a background check and they admitted, ATF, that there was mistakes made.

CAMEROTA: Yes, because of demand, because of the lack of resources.

BABEU: Well, no. You actually had a person. That's like me if I did an investigation and said 'oh, well I'm sorry I didn't have enough support.' That was my job. Somebody actually dealt with that specific issue. So, that's not the issue here. If he wants to expand them, nobody, especially myself, would ever want anybody who shouldn't have a weapon, that has mental health concerns. Look, my deputies every day run into these issues, where somebody's either suicidal or they try to force situations, suicide by cop. We have veterans, we've had four just in the last eight months in my county, that are threatening to kill themselves, and they have a gun and they put my deputies in danger.

CAMEROTA: Sure, it's terrible. So why not have more background checks at gun shows and internet sales? I mean, who is that hurting?


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